Student Demo Cup

The “Student Demo Cup” is organized every year to award the most innovating projects connected to the Free & Open Source ecosystem in all its dimensions.

This forum is open to all students who, alone or part of a team, embark on innovative projects relating to open source technologies, open source developments, and Open Data.

Who can participate?

The forum is open to all students
who, alone or part of a team, work to develop, promote, experiment with and spread the movements of Free & Open Source, Open Data, and their variants or combinations.


The forum is part of the Paris Open Source Summit, the premier European Open Source gathering. This event brings together decision makers, communities, and developers to enhance the technological, economic and societal initiatives to guarantee a bigger, more open and accessible digital future. The event was founded in 2008 and now takes places every year in Paris. It will include more than 200 speakers from 40 countries and expects an international audience of 3000 participants in 2015.

Entry terms & conditions

 Participants must be current students or those who have graduated within the last two years. By exemption, the project is still eligible if you are not a current student but have started and completed a significant part of your project during your studies or thesis.

Regarding the project:

·         The project can be submitted in one of the following themes: SOCIAL, TECH, or ENTERPRISE

·         It must have an innovating and open character

·         It must present a certain degree of progress and realization

·         It must aim to promote and improve Free & Open Source software and its ecosystem

·         It can take on many forms: prototypes, developments and designs, scientific contribution (memory, results of research undertaken, etc.) or any public/community action (launching of platforms, event organization, etc.).

For more information, visit the Student Demo Cup site at:


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