The Paris Open Source Summit is the leading event to showcase the latest and greatest in Free and Open Source technologies. Bringing together ecosystem-wide attendees, Paris Open Source Summit is an extraordinary sharing platform, a place to interact with key actors of the community and a unique opportunity to collaborate on current challenges and discuss the impact of new trends.


« Empowering Open Innovation ». The 2016 Edition will primarily focus on Open Source, Open Data and related models (Open Hardware, Open Access, etc) as key for open and collaborative innovation. More importantly, embracing these ideas across areas ensures a shared benefit of such technological and social innovation. Blockchain, Internet of Things or Big Data, many of today's top innovations, inspire trust only when designed in a logic of collaborationsustainability and sovereignty.


This year's edition is all about “doing” and we will prove Free and Open Source technologies (or solutions) are a core component of today's digital revolution. The scientific and industrial excellence of the French “savoir-faire” will be presented under their economic and industrial perspectives as well as their technical and technologicalchallenges and social impact. This action will be carried out trough a strong involvement of the territories (sub nationally and supranationally), starting from the premise that the economics of open source is mainly local and takes advantage of decentralization. Attracting youth to our business is at the center of our attention; therefore many activities will be organized in order to promote the debate among young people, schools and enterprises.

Please join us and contribute to making this meeting a success, whether you participate to the event or as an actor in the SOCIETY track discussions throughout the year.

Benjamin Jean & Jean-Christophe Élineau

TECH : to present the main technical trends, to open new opportunities for usage, to bring relevant answers to current business challenges, to share good practice. 

  • Open communication systems
  • Blockchain and distributed systems
  • Business solutions – Interoperability and standards
  • Cloud & platforms
  • #Devops
  • Open software engineering
  • IOT & embedded platforms
  • Web - Web services / BigData Analytic / Languages / Data visualisation


ENTERPRISE : to present the Open Source industry responses to the main business challenges, to share experience feedbacks, to remove adoption barriers.

  • How Open Source fosters business growth
  • Using Open Source, an opportunity to export and grow internationally
  • Free and Open-Source software companies funding
  • "Open Source Purchasing" (and/or "new Open Source Purchasing tools")


SOCIETY : to present the major societal challenges, to identify the needs (transversally, or within specific industry or business sectors), to share the solutions proposed by the current innovation stakeholders

  • Blockchain, monnaie & finance
  • Health
  • Open Gov
  • Robotics/ Artificial Intelligence
  • Sovereignty & Privacy
  • Transport and mobility
  • Smart and Open Cities
  • Energy
  • Law

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